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Top 5 Mobile Weed Games

Now that Cannabis has been legalized recreationally in Canada, you’re probably looking for some fun ways to entertain yourself when you smoke up. Either by yourself, or with your friends, there are quite a selection of games you can play on your phone, iPad, or any mobile device. Here’s our list of games we recommend to YOU.

  1. Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

To be the greatest person in this world, you must learn from the greatest. In the online post-prohibition world of farming, the elevated entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa teaches you how to plant, grow, and harvest the finest herb on earth in this epic new simulation game. Here you’ll learn to do all the things you ever wanted to do associated with weed. Growing, Selling, and Creating.

Follow in Wiz Khalifa’s footsteps as you build your own weed empire from the ground up.

– Tap to plant and grow quality strains for your clients
– Swipe to get your products to market and get your paper up
– Invest your profits to expand your grow op
– Boost your harvest with hydroponics and LED grow lights
– Level up to unlock accessories and rare mystery strains

NOTE: This game is free to download and play. Some in-game items are available for purchase using real money. We hope you enjoy playing this game. We didn’t rate it as our top game for any reason.


  • Hempire – Weed Growing Game

Second in our list of weed games, is Hempire. Here you will follow the story of Uncle Danny from small-time grower to plant industry mogul. You will make partnerships, upgrade buildings, customize a city, build an enterprise & become the biggest player in the dope world. Start now and get to the top! Here’s what you will be able to accomplish and do in this ultimate game.

Get Growing!
•Grow some of the most popular marijuana sativa & indica strains.
•Tap the lab to breed & discover new hybrids. Make your own strains .
•Turn a pot leaf to leaves to flowering trees, that you can harvest.
•Complete deals to unlock new features & strains in your journey to the top.

Build Your Own Hemp Empire
•Upgrade & repair your grow-op equipment & lights to get better results.
•Decorate your buildings with 420 themed trees & vehicles. Who can make the best-looking place?
•Upgrade weed farming with grow-op equipment. Better equipment, better plants.
•Auction items, earn money & create a bid frenzy.

Create Different Cannabis Products
•Bake cookies, brownies & other medicated edibles.
•Create shatter, hash, resin, oil, keif & other extracts.
•Craft hybrid strains to make the best buds ever!
•Traffic your goods, trade & sell bud for profit and make LOTS of money.

Make Money & Generate Cash
•Invest money in businesses to grow your net worth.
•Upgrade buildings & build your very own cannabis empire.
•Sell product from your cannabis dispensary .
•Buy real estate & renovate properties to earn more money.
•Sell to players & make profit from your dispensary.

Play With Friends
•Compete in the Hempire Cup to win special trophies.
•Join an enterprise, chat & play with friends from all over the world.
•Top the leaderboard with your own custom strain. Can you compete against the rest?
•Visit the pawn shop for offers & items.

Train & enter weekly multiplayer competition called the The Hempire Cup. Compete against other players to breed the highest quality strain winning trophies and have your hybrid strain featured in-game for everyone to see!

Warning, this game is very  addictive! So, what are you waiting for!? Go ahead and burn up the charts and blaze away all the competition. Your pot-ential is limitless and your hemp-venture is waiting.

Join them online:
* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hempiregame
* Instagram: hempiregame
* Twitter: @HempireGame
* Website: http://hempiregame.com

Please note Hempire is a free-to-play experience, but some game items are available for purchase using real money. A network connection is also required. (Wifi or Mobile Data Connection)


  • Weed Firm 2: Back To College

Finally, the sequel to the now-legendary weed growing adventure, Weed Firm: RePlanted, is here. This game features the next level in weed selling simulations. Become the ultimate pot dealer in this game.

In this plant game you will:
• Cultivate your pot farm empire with multiple strains of marijuana, including the well-known strains White Widow and Purple Haze, as well as the amazingly potent and extremely beautiful Alien Weed
• Meet and sell pot to a range of eccentric clientele such as Jane the stripper, Luni & Durte the rap duo, Sandy & Mandy the Cheerleaders, Ian the DJ, Rasta Bob, a crew of weed loving aliens, and many more!
• Grow your pot farm empire and customize your shop with a series of items that will help kick up your buzz as well as keep you safe from intruders.
• Defend your stash from the local Gangbangers and find creative ways of shaking off corrupt cops and federal agents who are ready to bust up your grow shop.
• Expand your operation to the great outdoors and beyond. What will you find inside the RV? Diversify your business with blunts, rosin dabs, wax, and a variety of edibles!

In this follow-up to Weed Firm: RePlanted, the popular role-playing weed growing and dealing adventure, expelled botany student Ted Growing heads back to his Alma Mater. This time he’s not there to hit the books, but rather to hide out from the cops who are hot on his trail. Ted sets up his pot grow-op in an abandoned gym and gets down to doing what he does best: cultivating and selling cannabis. You get to be Ted as he expands his pot farm! Feel your pulse rising as Ted tries to keep his buzz up while growing his empire and selling to an ever-increasing client base that demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

We hope you find the sequel as entertaining as the first launch. This game is very addicting and you will probably lose track of time playing it.


  • Ganja Farm – Weed Empire

Run your own epic ganja farm and cultivate different strains in this fun, weed farming game. Making profit is the ultimate aim in this game as you try to serve up an irresistible array of weed products, including pre-rolled blunts, cannabis oil, moonshine vodka, space cakes and a colorful line of hemp clothing. You take on the role of an enterprising cannabis farmer in a hand-drawn, cute, cartoony world. Can you meet the demands of chilling stoners and hippies? Can you convert the family farm to grow and harvest potent strains of weed, hashish, shrooms and moonshine for big profits? You’ll need to plan your pot harvests, find the most popular ganja strains, and keep the THC flowing if you want to build a successful bud business.

This accessible marijuana farming simulation is easy to pick up and play. Go at your own pace as you cultivate sativa. The gameplay is chilled, with a relaxing reggae soundtrack.
You can grow all sorts of different strains of ganja, construct buildings to transform your raw harvest into profitable products for the stash and spruce up your farm with fun decorations.

Ganja farmer is packed with options:
* Grow many marijuana strains – You can farm Super Skunk, Bubba Kush, Purple Haze, White Widow, Mary Jane and many other familiar indica and sativa strains.
* Construct and upgrade buildings – You can make more money by converting your raw ganja into blunts, space cakes, liquor, and clothes with the right setup.
* Smuggling runs – Load up planes and boats with 420 products and other goodies, like magic mushrooms, to satisfy the stoner market overseas and keep that profit rolling in.
* Create an epic stoner paradise – Use your dope dealing profits to beautify your farm with hookah, rasta statues, bongs, shisha or a crashed alien spaceship.

Can you grow from a single marijuana plant into a fierce operation producing everything a joint smoking stoner could possibly want? A steady stream of costumers like the infamous sherminator, deez nuts and other colorful characters will show up looking to scratch that 420 itch with everything from OG Kush to Mary jane, from candy kush to hemp clothing and from potcorn to cannabis oil.

You’ll earn money as your dope empire grows and you can spend this on new buildings and for your marijuana crop. Prove yourself as a herb or shroom farmer and complete achievements to earn big rewards.
Play with your friends, see if you can claim a place on the leaderboards, and watch out for special in-game events, social challenges, and a community chat function.

So smoke a joint or two because Ganja Farmer is a fun game that’s sure to tempt you into this epic bud empire. With a little TLC you can cultivate enough THC for a well-stocked stash that’ll keep your stoner costumers supplied with all the cannabis, hemp, and dank Kush they could possibly want. Kick back, relax, and transform your Ganja Farm into an accomplished and affluent weed-empire.

Need information on how to grow hemp in the game, or have burning questions regarding the gameplay?
Contact them at https://www.facebook.com/ganjafarmerapp


  • Pot Farm – Grass Roots

Featuring the official stoned racoon, Roachy!

Grow Your Own Weed and Start your very own 420 Friendly Farm!

Start by planting seeds, harvesting buds and growing your business! You can upgrade contraptions, hire workers and sell goods to your buds! You can also fill deliveries, make stoner products and create dank edibles to keep customers happy. Decorate your farm, rent custom cars, unlock gizmos, and become the next marijuana mogul!

The whole October, they will be hosting a Halloween Costume Party. Dress up and win for this Spooky and Stoney Halloween!

• Limited Time Themes!
• Collect different characters and dank prizes!
• New Gizmos, decorations and more!
• Plant, water & trim plants on your custom farm
• Harvest potent strains of sativa & indica
• Sell weed & goods to other players
• Enter Karma contests during the week!
• Sell & trade kush with neighbors & friends
• Connect with Facebook to play with your buds

There’s so much to do – the growing never ends!


Follow @PFGrassRoots on Twitter.com/PFGrassRoots, Instagram.com/PFGrassRoots and on Facebook.com/PotFarmGrassRoots.

Terms of Service – http://eastsidegamestudio.com/terms-of-service
Privacy Policy – http://eastsidegamestudio.com/privacy-policy
Email Support – support@potfarmgrassroots.zendesk.com

Please note that Pot Farm: Grass Roots is free to download and play, but some game items are available for purchase using real money. A network connection is also required. (Wifi or Mobile Data Connection)

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