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How to efficiently clean your glass bong(s)!

Nothing ruins the taste of your cannabis than dirty bong water. And not many people know how to take the correct steps to ensure a healthy and smooth smoking experience with your glass piece(s).  In this blog entry, we will be discussing how you can go ahead and clean your piece(s) at home using store-bought cleaning products.

Isopropyl and Salt:

One of the most used methods that lots of cannabis users use to clean their pieces, is using Isopropyl alcohol and salt. You might be wondering, why would I want to use a first aid cleaning solution to clean my glass bong? Most Isopropyl alcohol ranges of levels of 50%, 70%, 90% and 99% alcohol. The higher the percentage, the stronger the cleaning. The reason why people use salt, is that it does not dissolve in the alcohol. The polar nature of salt requires a polar solvent to get into solution, and alcohol doesn’t have much ability to stabilize the charge. Therefore, the salt won’t dissolve in this solution of alcohol.  Now you might be asking, which salt is best to use when cleaning? Finer salt is better than the bigger salt rocks. This allows the salt to rub against those tight corners and hard to reach areas of your glass piece.

In order to properly clean your glass piece, follow these steps below to get the best experience possible out of your glass piece:

  1. Empty your bong/bubbler of it’s dirty water into the sink or toilet. (We’ll talk about cleaning your bowls, bangers and downstems later) Ensure all the percs (if it has any) are empty too. (Warning, the smell of bong water is hard to get out of your carpet if you spill it!)
  2. Pour some salt into all openings of the piece. You do not need to pour a lot, just enough to use as the abrasive. (Fill in the mouth piece, and the joint where the bowl or downstem goes)
  3. Open your Isopropyl Alcohol (DO NOT GET IN YOUR EYES, OR DO NOT INGEST) and pour some down the openings of your piece.
  4. Once you’ve mixed the salt with the isopropyl, cover the openings with paper towel or bags.
  5. Start shaking your piece (with the holes covered) repeatedly. Use the isopropyl and salt to guide around the dirty spots in your bong.
  6. When you are satisfied with the result, poor out the remaining solution and salt.
  7. Flush the glass piece under water for a few minutes to ensure all the alcohol and salt has been removed from the piece.
  8. Fill your piece with fresh water, dry the outside and you’re ready to smoke again with piece that looks new again!

Pre-Made Cleaning Solutions (Purple Power / Orange Chronic)

In lots of bong shops, you will see advertised cleaning solutions. There are many out there to use and choose from. But picking the best bang for your buck comes down to a few selections. You want to make sure that your piece is cleaned fully, and no signs of residue or resin marks left. From raving reviews and personal reviews, we’ve selected the best two products that carry out the full cleaning potential you require to clean your pieces(s).

Orange Chronic & Purple Power. Simple to use, and gets the job done. These products are reuseable, so after following the instructions on the bottle of pouring the solution into your piece(s) and shaking, simply pour it back in the bottle until your next use.

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